Spotivate Spotter    You're in the know and you know it.

You're a savvy, uber connected and active member of your community. You like to get out of the house and do stuff with your kids.

You know which parks have the fastest slides, which bike paths have the fewest hills and which ice cream parlors have the best flavors. Your kids have scaled climbing walls at outdoor festivals and danced to the sounds of a steel drum band at a music concert.

You're the one who rallies the troops to see live music in downtown Redwood City on Friday nights. You were first in line for the Giants World Series parade! You're always telling other parents about your weekend plans. Where you go, they go!


We want YOU if...

We can relate to you... if you are a real parent, (that is, you're using your real name and photo), you are being authentic in your interactions with everyone on the site and in our online communities.

You're a good citizen... you engage consistently, participate respectfully, give good feedback and share great events with everyone! In short you are a valuable member of the community and an adventurer at heart.

You love us as much as we love you... Spotivate is your go-to spot for finding great expereinces for your family. You have a long list of 'great ideas' and an equally impressive list of things that you've "done" too.




Meet our Spotters!

Amy Graff
Amy Heinz
Anthony Lee
Becky Fernandez
Cam Bowman
Erica Dooley
Erin Klenow
Gina Perkins
Jorge Chang
Joyce Lollar
Kelly Tirman
Kristianne Hannemann
Kristina Malsberger
Laurie Isola
Lerner Farrington
Lili Sirota
Lizz Porter
Lydia Moon
Megan McCrea
Rachelle Doorley
Rhea St. Julien
Stacie Dong
Stephanie Nakano
Sue Robinson
Suz Lipman
TerriAnn van Gosliga
Unknown Mami
Veena Goel Crownholm
Yuliya Patsay

Here's how to sign up:


Why do you want to be a Spotivate Spotter?

Aside from our eternal gratitude?

  1. You get to join a tight knit, growing community of savvy, smart and social parents.
  2. You'll be VIP members at our quarterly (family friendly) Spotivate Soiree! We'll have food, drinks and magical unicorns*!
  3. You will be the first ones to reap the benefits of any perks bestowed on Spotivate, discounts at local attractions, sneak previews, exclusive events and more!
  4. When we grow as a company (and we will) you will be the first people we look at for any paid gigs.
  5. And of course you'll get a bedazzled badge for your Spotivate profile so everyone knows you are one of the most influential tastemakers on the site and in your city.

*we cannot guarantee unicorns at this time


I'm the perfect candidate for you (or I know someone who is) now what?

The first step is to fill out the form above. You can always shoot us an email at if you want to make sure we notice you or another member of the Spotivate community.


I have a blog / an engaged Twitter following / a fabulous Facebook fan page/etc, what can you do for me?

If you're so excited (about Spotivate) and you just can't hide it, then we want to make sure the Spotivate community loves you too. In addition to the benefits of being a Spotter you will also:

  1. Be invited to a supportive online community where you know you can be your Tweeting/Instagraming/Pinning self (because sometimes other people just don't understand.)
  2. You will be featured on our Spotivate web service as a Local Expert and will have a customizable profile page that can link back to your blog, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, etc.
  3. We will promote your relevant blog content on our newsletter,, our upcoming blog, FB page, Pinterest board, etc.
  4. When we launch the Spotivate blog, we will look to you for paid writing positions.


What does being a Spotivate Spotter entail?

Proudly wearing the Spotivate Spotter badge means...

  1. Spotivate is one of your favorite places to visit. You love browsing through the site to bookmark your favorite activities and making plans to take your family to them.
  2. When you scope out Spotivate events you share your knowledge with the community. Tell us, was parking a nightmare? Were there only porta potties to be found? Was the event not age appropriate for your 3-year-old?
  3. As an in-the-know tastemaker, you'll tell us if there is an awesome event that's been left off our radar.
  4. You will strive to do the most activities, and it will feel so good to check them off the list!
  5. As the facilitator of cool you will spread the news of Spotivate and the activities we feature far and wide: Tweet it out to your co-workers, tell all of your Facebook friends, Pin your hearts out, email your mother-in-law (or not)!